Join Wilson, we are always looking for the right people to join us on the journey, we hope that it may be you! Join us and move forward.

Self fulfillment

We believe that if people have their own business, they can realize their potential. This is why we will give you every opportunity to do that.
Talent is our core - drive. This is a dynamic, fast-changing environment where every level has quick decisions – in this ambition, the team faces challenges, successes, advances and changes, all of which require teamwork, and maybe the next one is you!
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Employee Benefits

Meal: lunch allowance;
Insurance: Pay five insurances and one gold in accordance with state regulations;
Entertainment: organizing tours on a regular basis
Others: Regular annual employee physical examination, normal double break, legal statutory annual leave, traditional festival holiday, high temperature subsidy;

Training Development

The company will continue to steadily and steadily, starting from the product quality and product utility, and taking every step. We look forward to common development and growth in the competition and friendly cooperation with our peers!

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